Dolphin Water 

The Dolphin Water Crystal Vortex is hand-crafted to make the finest, most vital drinking water.

Three light crystal vortex chambers are placed in triangular formation with precise manual work which produce, living, oxygen-rich water. The triangle formation of the crystals is a pictorial detail of the flower of life, creating a harmony that is more intense than the “sum of stones” from the various crystal properties.

The basic frequency of vibration of the vortex cells is congruent with the frequency of the heart chakra (Love) - 528 hertz.

The “water crystals” ground in the crystal vortex chambers represent:

  1. Quartz Crystal: - Energizing, Strengthening and Pure Clarity

  2. Rose Quartz:  - Security, Harmony and Warmth of the heart; 

  3. Aquamarine: - Cheerful serenity, Sincerity and Stamina;

  4. Amethyst - Inspiration, Intuition & Transformation. Calm and balancing energy, the righteous. 

  5. Silver: - Gives the water freshness, coolness and clear taste. It is reminiscent of mountain stream water. The power of silver strengthens creativity, inspiration and aesthetics. Physically speaking, silver is a valuable trace element for the immune system and can increase the well-being and elasticity of the body.

Laberge Lavender Lane 

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