Who I am and what I do 

My Journey

 Bringing Back a Natural Way of Healing!

My name is Arlene Laberge.  I am a proud Canadian Entrepreneurial Farmer starting an Agri-tourism Holistic Healing Lavender Farm just north of the wonderful Gateway City to the 1000  Islands with all its natural beauty of the     St. Lawrence Seaway and majestic castles.  As a Holistic Practitioner, I hold 15 modalities of therapy but my passion is Reflexology.  As a result of that passion,     I am a certified Reflexologist and a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada, A Halotherapy Therapist, with membership to the  Salt Therapy Association, and a member of the Ontario Lavender Association.  Also holding membership to our local Chamber of Commerce, and Women in Business organizations.

Arlene is a strong Advocate of Small Business Supporting Small Business! 

COVID-19 Crisis showed all of us that Small Business is the back bone to our economy.  Supporting your local farmers, and businesses will be the key to reviving our economic stability both at home and on the world stage.


"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"

Laberge Lavender Lane 

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